Mc Cormick Roasted Cinnamon, 1.75 Oz

What smells (and tastes) so good? It’s McCormick Roasted Cinnamon! One of the oldest spices known to man, this roasted version has a richer, deeper flavor than traditional cinnamon, perfect for both sweet and savory dishes. McCormick Roasted Cinnamon is slow-roasted to bring out cinnamon’s full spicy-sweet flavor. A dash of this all-purpose spice brings warm balanced sweetness to breakfast oatmeal, French toast and smoothies. The deeper, richer cinnamon flavor will make everyday desserts like cookies and cupcakes extraordinary and chocolate recipes even more decadent. Or add roasty-toasty flavor to spice rubs for meat, sweet potatoes and mole sauce. Use Roasted Cinnamon in any recipe calling for ground cinnamon.