Bai Lemonade, Lanai Blackberry

Blackberry flavored antioxidant lemonade with vitamin C with other natural flavors. 1 g of sugar. 10 calories per bottle. 1 net carb per serving (Erythritol carbs have no calories or effect on blood sugar). Antioxidants (Per Bottle): 13.5mg vitamin C; 100mg polyphenols from tea and coffeefruit extracts. 55 mg caffeine per bottle: like a cup of green tea. Gluten free. Good source of Vitamin C. Low glycemic impact. Antioxidant. No artificial sweeteners. Two flavors showed up in the same bottle. Who wore it zest? Well this is just embarrassing. In their big flavor debut, lemon and blackberry accidentally showed up wearing the same bottle. Trust us, we tried to decide who wore it zest, but both these flavors were bringing it so fiercely we couldn't pick. Thankfully these two are professionals. So they settled on a draw that still brings trendy taste and great ingredients to every stylish sip. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. (at)DrinkBai. Our flavor names pay homage to the world's coffee regions: PET 1 (BPA-free) never hot filled..