Contadina Pizzettas, Four Cheese

Made with a blend or real mozzarella, provolone, romano, and parmesan cheeses & roma tomato sauce. Curst made with cauliflower. New! Contadina has been bringing authentic Italian flavors to shelves since 1918. Now we've cooked up a delicious snack with a veggie twist. Satisfy your appetite for rich Italian flavors with our Contadina Pizzettas - a savory blend of Roma tomato sauce and real cheese in a crust made with cauliflower. 1 serving of veggies per 5 piece (5 pieces equals 1/2 cup of veggies per USDA Database). No artificial preservatives or flavors. To learn more, visit Questions or comments? Call 1-888-668-2847 (Mon-Fri). Non BPA (Packaging produced without the intentional addition of BPA). Packed in the USA.