Cracker Barrel Pairing Boards, Vermont Sharp White Cheddar, Strawberry Jam, Woven Crackers And Dark Chocolate, Individually Sealed Single Serve Snack, 2.9 Oz Package

Woven crackers with vermont sharp white cheddar, strawberry jam & dark chocolate. Cheddar cheese, strawberry jam, woven wheat crackers, semisweet chocolate. Per Box: 310 calories; 10 g sat fat (48% DV); 290 mg sodium (12% DV); 17 g total sugars. Smartlabel. Scan for more information. Visit us at: or call us at: 1-855-237-8748, please have package available. Please recycle this card. Cracker Barrel Pairing Boards Vermont Sharp White Cheddar, Strawberry Jam, Woven Crackers and Dark Chocolate is a discerningly selected and prepared cheese board for one. This individually sealed single-serve cheese board contains crunchy woven crackers with Vermont sharp white cheddar, sweet strawberry jam, and irresistible dark chocolate. With on-the-go convenience and 310 calories per serving, these 2.9 oz. chocolate and cheese snack packs help satisfy your hunger between meals, giving you a tasty combination of flavors and textures whether you're in the office or on the move. The sharp white cheddar cheese adds a rich and bold texture, making it a scrumptious snack. To ensure this travel size snack board has long-lasting freshness, store it in the fridge.