Planters Sea Salt And Vinegar Peanuts 2.25 Oz. Bag

Planters Sea Salt and Vinegar Peanuts have a delicious tangy taste that satisfies your crunchy-snack cravings. Dusted with sea salt and roasted to crispy perfection, these whole peanuts are infused with a hint of vinegar flavor, just enough to add a dash of flavorful zing. Theyre great for munching, whether to help curb hunger between meals or to enjoy while watching late-night TV. At 370 calories per 2.25 oz. bag, these Kosher-friendly salt and vinegar flavored peanuts help fill you up and go perfectly with your favorite beer. Available in a handy snack pack bag of peanuts thats convenient for eating while on the go, these single serve peanuts are packaged for freshness. Grab a handful of these salt and vinegar peanuts anytime you want roasted nuts that deliver bold flavor and a satisfying crunch.