Kraft Trios Snack Fu Ns Strawberry Waffle

Kraft Trios SnackFUNs Strawberry Waffle is a perfect dessert snack pack that gives you a delicious blend of energy with a kick of indulgence. This individually sealed single-served snack contains colby lack and monterey jack cheese, waffle pieces and dried strawberries. With on-the-go convenience and 140 calories per serving, this sweet and savory snack pack helps curb your hunger between meals. For a tasty combination of flavors and textures, simply grab a package of SnackFUNs for your lunch or pocket for a quick and tasty snack. The monterey jack and colby jack cheese bites add a delicate, deliciously cheesy texture, making it a scrumptious snack. Refrigerate this 1.28 ounce single-serve snack.