Hoffman's Ghost Pepper Monterey Jack Natural Cheese Block

Hoffmans Ghost Pepper Monterey Jack Natural Cheese Block combines the fiery flavor of hot peppers with the creamy goodness of natural cheese to create a bold, unforgettable taste. A blend of jalapeno, habanero and ghost peppers gives this hot and spicy cheese a complex flavor with a variety of spice profiles, and the cheese is made in Wisconsin for quality. This convenient block of cheese lets you slice off just the right amount, making it ideal for snacking, adding to a cheese platter, or creating irresistible mac and cheese. Have a slice or two of this spicy cheese with your favorite crackers, use it to make grilled cheese, or enjoy several cubes as a quick grab-and-go snack. This block of cheese is created by experts in cheese making since 1912 and is sealed in a plastic wrapper. Store this 7 ounce Monterey jack cheese block in the refrigerator and use within five days once opened.