La Brea Bakery Organic Wheat Loaf

Fresh daily. In 1988, our founder Nancy Silverton combined flour and water with organic grapes. These ancient ingredients and their wild yeasts were the beginning of our signature sourdough starter. From it we created our whole wheat and rye starters. These three starters are the foundation of virtually all of the breads we make. Although the elements are basic, producing our bread is not simple. As they are alive, our breads require a daily response to environmental changes and constant fine tuning of our bread making techniques. When you try our breads you will taste the quality and flavors that only this kind of passionate attention to detail can assure. Organic Wheat: We make this bread with organically grown white, whole wheat and rye flours. It also happens to be one of our favorites. With its dark, Tangy crust and mildly sour and chewy interior, it accompanies a meal every bit as well as it encloses a sandwich.